Innovations by bfz Steinmeier
Small magnetic switch KMS 1.1CHL 14RZ

The non-contact switch KMS 1.1CHL 14 is a magnetic switch, equipped with the newest NPMS technology based on the Hall effect. During a voltage loss (no power), NPMS (no power memory and switching) supports memorizing its switching state (memory) and is also able to change its switching state without voltage with the actuation magnet (switching). Extensive manual resets or reference cycles are not necessary any more. In addition, the KMS 1.1CHL 14 is shock resistant as well as highly reliable, which also allows using the switch in rough environments.

Position memory during voltage loss, switching capability during voltage loss, shock resistance

Applications: elevator technology, automotive engineering, materials handling
Order number: V00KM000250
Small magnetic switch, cable length 3.00 m
Type: KMS 1.1CHL 14RZ, Hall element
10-26 V, 0.1 A, 2.6 VA
Other models of the switch are available on request


Cylindrical magnetic switch

RMS 12135-R12-PT100-01

The cylindrical magnetic switch RMS12135-R12-PT100-01 combines two totally different sensor types in one housing. A contact-free magnetic switch with a reed contact (break contact) on the one hand as well as a temperature sensor with a PT-100 element on the other. Thus processes can be monitored mechanically (magnetic switch) and thermally (PT-100) at the same time with one sensor.

RMS 12135-R12-PT100-01


  Article: V00RM000377
  Type: RMS 12135-R12-PT100-01
  Cylindrical magnetic, reed contact (break) 
  100V, 0,5A, 0,5 W/VA 
  Connection: flange plug 5-pin series 713, M12 x 1,5  


September 2016

Special solutions by bfz Steinmeier

Float magnetic switch V00SM000020

Applications: Fish ponds (UV-radiation, temperature 0 to + 30°C), swimming pools, sedimentation tanks, oil trays for automotive industry, toilet overflow, bilge pump for condensed water in ships

Article: V00SM000020                 
Float magnetic switch, cable length 5,00m Type: SMS 9 R111- 01, Reed contact/ make contact 100V,  0,5A,  10VA
Connection: control cable 3 x 0,14 mm²

Schwimmerschalter V00SM000020
no separate power supply required

April/May 2016

Special solutions by bfz-Steinmeier

Special cylindrical magnetic switch RMS 8 R02-01 with a switching distance up to 75 mm

Article: RMS 8 R02-01
Order-No.: V00RM000355

Type: Cylindrical magnetic switch     RMS 8 R02-01
Contact type: Break contact                                                     
Electrical specifications: max. 48V / max. 1,0A / max. 10W
Connection: 2 x 0,5 mm²

Advantages of this special solution:
• Reliably high switching distance
• Usable with shocks and vibrations (approx. vibrations (50 - 2000 Hz) = 50 g max. and shocks (1/2 Sinus, 11ms) = 100g max.)
• Stable and reliable functioning with high and low temperatures (range -20°C - +70°C)
• By reed-contact technology, no separate power supply required 


May/June 2015

Whoever has to deal with machine safety has two areas of responsibility, in which it is important to be up to date: firstly safety switching devices and safety controls, secondly guidelines and rules concerning machine safety.

Starting June 1, 2015 a new decree of the regulation of industrial safety according to BetrSichV §3 comes into effect in Germany. This requires measures in order to adapt to the latest technological developments.

We now offer safety/security technology for monitoring 1 up to 4 touchless sensors by an individually wired evaluation unit, the SB-UEG11-EN09 . This may serve your need to update your safety/security measures. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Security switch